Here are answers to some of the questions The Groove Membership (TGM) regularly get asked. If your question isn’t answered below, please contact us!



  • Can we request a song for our first dance?


Absolutely, TGM would be honoured to play your first dance! After a quick discussion with you to make sure it would work with our line-up, our in-house arranger Jon will get started on a live version of the song and even provide you with a mock up recording so you can practise!



  • Can we request other songs that aren’t already in your repertoire?


TGM love expanding our rep so we actively encourage requesting songs we don’t already play (as long as they will work with our line-up)! We include up to 2 request songs for free per event, any more than that attracts an additional fee.



  • How many members are there in TGM?


TGM has 9 members: 2 Vocalists, Keys, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Sax, Trumpet & Trombone.



  • Can the band line up change or is it always 9?


Obviously we understand having 9 members is not always practical so we are able to reduce the band down to a 6 piece (2 Vocalists, Keys/MD, Bass, Drums, Guitar) or 7 piece (adding Sax to the 6-piece line-up). When we perform as a 6-piece, TGM use a pre-recorded horn section to maintain the full sound of our bigger line-up.



  • Is it always the people from the Video that perform with the band?


Members of TGM make the band a top priority so in 99.9% of cases the band will be exactly as you see it. Under certain circumstances, an individual band member may not be available on a specific date (if they have a family wedding for example) but we would let you know this at the booking stage and always provide someone of the same high caliber to make sure nobody at your event notices the difference!



  • How long does TGM play for?


Usually TGM performs two 1-hour sets but we are happy to be flexible on timings if needed.



  • How much room does TGM need on the stage?


TGM will require a space that is roughly 6m x 6m. However if your event space is smaller, please let us know and we can discuss viable options.



  • What is TGM’s dress code?


TGM has several dress codes to suit different events. We also accommodate specific requests for occasions such as a Black Tie Ball where we all wear dinner jackets and bow ties etc. We will discuss this with you as we are going through the booking stage.



  • How long does it take TGM to set up on the day?


TGM will require a minimum of 90 minutes to set up and sound check.



  • Do you have public liability insurance?


Yes, absolutely!



  • How far in advance should we think about booking?


The earlier the better! TGM take bookings up to 2 years in advance and have a busy schedule especially around wedding season and Christmas.



  • How do we go about booking The Groove Membership for our event?


Please visit our contact page and fill out our online form. A member of the TGM team will be in touch within hours to get some details and provide a quote.



  • How do we pay for TGM?


To secure your booking with TGM a 20% upfront deposit will be required. The remaining balance will need to be settled on or before the day of the event.



  • Does TGM do public gigs we can come to?


There are no public gigs in the diary at the moment, due to TGM members being in such high demand. However, please join our mailing list and if the situation changes we will update you through our quarterly mail out.